This month we visit a few forest homes. Each house reveals the personality of their resident magical creature:

“Come on in”

“Nothing to see here”

“No muss no fuss”

“A fixer-upper”

These elf and boggart homes are along the main trail in the Old Stone Fort State Park. The park is an ancient sacred ceremonial site between two rivers in Tennessee. It is not actually a fort, but a short rock wall covered in dirt, stretching for over a mile. The wall mound was started 2,000 years ago and was kept up for 500 years! Sure, 500 years isn’t long in elf years, but for us, that’s over 5 lifetimes.

On the shaded trail, you pass unique tree holes, a wrap around dirt mound with a hidden wall underneath, and three cascading waterfalls. As we leave the tour of homes right before sunset, the only sound is a light breeze rustling through the leaves. The last of the day’s light filters through to tell us it is time to leave. Darkness is coming—time for enchanted beings to roam the forest, undisturbed.

Nature’s camouflage

This little tree frog near a waterfall reminds me how creatures blend in with their forest, but are alert to everything around them. Keep your eyes open and no telling what you will see.

Debbie Emory

Making Magic Out of Everyday Moments