DEATH DOESN’T DESERVE CHOCOLATE: (Women’s Fiction, humorous family drama)
A skilled dog trainer must invent new tricks to repair her relationship with her dying father, and deal with his imaginary friend—an obnoxious Grim Reaper.



LIFE WITH FESTY: Volume 1 in the proposed series (Middle grade)

Ages 8 and up.


Twelve-year-old Josh Albright knows he has a strange connection to nature since he hears mountains whisper in the night, and worms scream at the sight of a shovel. But when he meets a group of magical creatures in the woods of his small town, Josh discovers he must heal the forest. That’s more than saving a few worms.

Legendary mountain

The creatures assign Josh an assistant, Festy—a funny British boggart (often mistaken for a baby dragon) who has some sort of magical attention deficit disorder and an obsession with William Shakespeare. To deal with his new best friend with wings, along with his save-the-forest duties, Josh recruits a clever girl next door. Together they must unravel the mystery of who stole the forest’s source of magic. Without it, the forest cannot survive.

Josh has until sunrise on the shortest day of the year to follow a series of clues from the Ancient Ones, find a blood-stained mountain, face a monster, steal some magic, and of course finish his not-yet-determined science project.

But life with Festy may be the hardest part.

Seeking publication.

A BROTHER’S CURSE: Volume 2 in the proposed series (Middle grade)

Ages 8 and up.

As Josh leaves for a vacation in Utah where he grew up, he receives his next assignment: break the curse that trapped Lono—an ancient guardian of water. Without Lono’s protection, droughts consume Josh’s old home town while floods destroy his new one.

With direction from Festy’s desert-dwelling Uncle Franky, Josh and his friends set out to force Lono’s brother, a guardian of fire, to break the curse he cast millions of years ago.


AWAKEN THE SEA: Volume 3 in the proposed series (Middle grade)

Ages 8 and up.

The trio journeys to sea cliffs of Ireland where mystical Aunt Tessa reveals more of Josh’s destiny. Josh will have to decide which comes first: his own desires, or the needs of the sea.


LAND OF THE ANCIENTS: Volume 4 in the proposed series (Middle grade)

Ages 8 and up.

Josh travels to the Land of the Ancients where the oldest and wisest of magical creatures live hidden in the Himalaya Mountains. He isn’t leaving until he gets some answers.

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Written on April 2nd, 2011
Debbie Emory

Making Magic Out of Everyday Moments