Just back from Fairyland Canyon.  Yes, it actually exists on a mountaintop in Utah.  Before our trip to Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park, I knew my next manuscript would start in this area.  Spotting “Fairyland Canyon” on a map when we got there was followed by a resounding, “We have to go there!”

Towering hoodoos fill the canyon like stone people awaiting their fate. Ancient bristlecone pine trees dare you to come close. Some of these trees are thousands of years old and I imagine the magical creatures who have lived among them.

Ancient tree

While taking pictures of the canyon, a wind comes up behind me and sweeps my hat down into the canyon.  You do not want to go “off trail” here, unless you want to spend the rest of eternity at the bottom of the hoodoos.  Photographing a goodbye to my beloved Pikes Peak hat, I notice the log next to it looks like a creature with its mouth open.  How many hats has this tree-log-creature eaten?

Borrowing my husband’s hat (and holding it on my head this time), we leave this mysterious mountain of rocks and trees.  In my mind, I see the characters Josh, Lilly, and Festy wandering through this land – searching. I’ll be sure to tell them not to wear a hat.

Lost hat

Debbie Emory

Making Magic Out of Everyday Moments